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About Crop Health Labs

Plant Sap Analysis was developed in the Netherlands in 2002 by NovaCropControl and Crop Health Labs is the North American supplier of the technology. For more than 10 years, Plant Sap Analysis has provided growers with unique nutrient data measuring 21 nutrient parameters for testing that enables a grower to forecast periods of nutrient deficiency. The tool improves efficiency and production and is available to farmers, crop advisors, input providers and agriculture researchers. Crop Health Labs’ proprietary Plant Sap Analysis is the industry’s most comprehensive plant sap analysis report available conducted in a lab setting.

Our mission is to remove barriers to nutrient success and empower growers with data. We are developing a plant sap analysis laboratory in the US to increase accessibility to emerging crop management technologies.

Plant Sap Analysis | Farm Crop Nutrition
Plant Sap Analysis | Farm Crop Nutrition

About Sap Analysis

Every order is an investment. Next generation technology and nutrient management strategies, at your fingertips.

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Plant Sap Analysis | Farm Crop Nutrition

Risk Free Guarantee

Plant Sap Analysis can be used alone or in tandem with your existing nutrient screening.

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